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General Info on costs

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One (1) Workshop (no Sun. PM)
Either AM or PM Session
0.4 CEUs or 4 hours
One (1) Workshop
Sun. PM only
0.3 CEUs or 3 hours
Two (2) Workshops (no Sun. PM)
Sat. AM-PM or Sat. PM-Sun. AM
0.8 CEUs or 8 hours
Three (3) Workshops (no Sun. PM)
Sat. AM-PM and Sun. AM
1.2 CEUs or 12 hours
Three (3) Workshops (with Sun. PM)
Sat. AM-PM or Sat. PM-Sun. AM and Sun. PM
1.2 CEUs or 12 hours
Four (4) Workshops
Whole Weekend
1.5 CEUs or 15 Hours
Workshop Details Topics, Locations, ...

2019 Topics

We will cover seven (7) topics focusing the human body.  The following topics will be covered in every workshop in the different locations for the year, 2019:

  • Digestive and Lymphatic Systems
      (0.4 CEUs)
  • Nervous and Urinary Systems
      (0.4 CEUs)
  • Reproductive and Endocrine Systems
      (0.4 CEUs)
  • Oral Health (Dentistry)
      (0.3 CEUs)

We will have the interactive presentations using many sets of classifiers in American Sign Language! Many common phrases will be demonstrated.  We will also discuss Robin D.'s Demand_Control_Schema scenarios.  Role-playing sessions will be conducted after each presentation.

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Current Speakers Speakers Table


Paul May

CEO and Educator

Has been teaching American Sign Language for at least 17 years now.

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Holly May


LPC - Mental Health Program Director. She has been interpreting for at least 20 years on the side.

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Event Features Packed Full of Goodies and Fun Stuff


You know that the human body is an incredible machine! It is very remarkable to see the system from a cell to the organ, and how they function, amazing isn't? Even better, you can look at the descriptions of the body parts come alive in ASL! Imagine that! ASL sure is most awesome visual-gestural language ever! We can naturally describe the complex object more abstractly and visually!

Role Playing

Role-playing using scripts based on real-life communication between Deaf consumers and the service providers in a controlled environment. It gives everyone an excellent opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them then become a more effective facilitator using more classifiers instead of wordy English words. Every participant will have a chance to do roleplaying as the interpreter while other as Deaf patient using "high-visual" language.

K-12 Exposure

Imagine this…you describe a hard-to-describe object in the boring subject during the long-and-dry lecture in the classroom at the school. All sudden, the transformation from dry English description into many lively visual-gestured descriptions where the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students could understand and retain more information. Yes, it is always challenging to describe an object if the wording or the word may be too complicated to explain if just fingerspelling combined with simple signs. Sometimes we sometimes have to fingerspell many “big” words while we might be unsure how to describe that word. So you will have an opportunity to learn how to represent the description visually with many different perspectives from other seasoned interpreters.

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