Paul May has been teaching ASL since 2000.  He also taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing children at several K-12 schools in NC and SC.  Paul and his wife, Holly, are licensed Foster Parents who had taken in several Deaf boys, adopted 4-year-old adorable Deaf boy in July 2016, and currently a Deaf girl living with them along with two biological daughters.  

Paul also had led several workshops for a community college at their annual “ASLville” event – “Introduction to Classifiers” and “Strong Language and Profanity.”  Also, he did “Classifiers” workshop for SC RID chapter.  He has produced two video clips, called, “Depression: An Overlooked Mental Illness” and “HIPAA: Patient’s Privacy Rights” in ASL for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. He also developed a website for Services to the Deaf offered at the SC Department of Mental Health as an independent contractor.   

Paul recently participated in Teaching Medical Interpreting immersion training via the CATIE center, NCIEC in Portland, OR in Winter 2016. In May 2016, Paul and other three leaders in Florida hosted four-day Medical Interpreting Immersion workshop which led Paul to host the next four-day Medical Interpreting Workshop here in Spartanburg, SC in September 2016 with Dr. Roger Williams.  And now Paul is looking forward to seeing interpreters strengthen their skills in their healthcare settings with clarity!

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